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Below the Threshold

Ten states and systems offer additional measures to students scoring below a minimum cut score threshold on one or more measures. In Nevada, students who have not met the English or mathematics college readiness assessment scores on one of the placement tests or who have not taken any of the tests will be placed through the process developed by the individual institutions. This placement policy may use multiple measures, including, but not limited to placement exams, high school GPA, course selection and performance in the senior year of high school, and intended postsecondary program of study. New Jersey’s community colleges are encouraged to use a “decision zone” below the cut score on the ACCUPLACER to allow more flexibility in the placement process. Students scoring below the cut score, but within the “decision zone,” would be considered for college-level courses, based on other measures.

State Policy Example

Below the Threshold: Colorado

Students falling below the threshold during a primary evaluation are eligible for college placement through a secondary evaluation that is institution-specific.

States using this policy type

  • CO
  • FL
  • HI
  • MS
  • NV
  • NJ
  • OH
  • OK
  • TX
  • WA

Systems using this policy type