Up to one third of all students are misplaced when entering college. A growing number of states, postsecondary systems and institutions are working to improve placement. Explore this interactive toolkit to see how multiple measures reforms can help get more college students off on the right foot.

Multiple Measures

Postsecondary systems across the country are exploring policies that require or encourage institutions to use multiple measures to determine student course placement. This toolkit, designed for policymakers and practitioners considering this type of reform, provides analyses of multiple measures policies, evidence of the impact on student outcomes, examples of how policies have been implemented, lessons learned, and questions to consider, as well as additional resources. The toolkit was developed with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

State Policymakers

College Practitioners


State Policy Landscape

Types of Multiple Measure Policies

Evidence of Impact on Student Outcomes

Campus Implementation

Lessons From the Field

Questions to Consider